Reflexology Treatments and Prices


Treatment at Ridgehouse Practice, Nether Wallop

£50 for up to one hour

£30 for half an hour

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Based on the principle that reflexes in the hands and feet link directly to all organs and glands of the body.  The method of using thumbs and fingers on these reflexes relieves stress and tension, bringing you back into balance.  I offer the most effective, up-to-date reflexology treatment available. 

I trained in the 'Ingham Method' - considered the original (and best) in the World.  In addition, I've studied advanced reflexology (ART) and spinal reflexology, which incorporate more intricate techniques, taking your treatment to a whole new level.

30 minutes / 60 minutes

Reflexology for Cancer Patients

Reflexology can be extremely beneficial for those undergoing cancer treatment.  It may help with fatigue, nausea, pain relief, stress, constipation and managing the general side effects of treatment.  It may also help with the emotional side of things at this difficult time. 

30 minutes / 60 minutes